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1 year up since Kumkum!

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Posted on: 15 March 2010 at 12:00am

Hi friends!

I thank all of you almost every few blog entries but this one is a special Thank You from me to you, with all my heart. It's for actually remembering that a year is up since 'Kumkum' ended not for the hour but forever.. As cliched as it sounds, I really miss the show and everyone behind its success. Shooting for it over a span of seven long years, only made the on-screen 'Kumkum' family, a big happy off-screen family. These were seven years I enjoyed myself thoroughly, professionally and personally. The bond between each of us is still very much existent and intact.

That unfortunate last day of shoot was the 12th of March 2009. One year up and the memories are still fresh as paint. It gets me teary-eyed to even go down memory lane! My last shot was with Juhi, where we go to a temple and our whole family is shown united and blissful. We could see it in each others eyes that we were upset and emotional about it being our last day as a team and the last shot. Even the camera crew knew so, but in the process of being used to shooting, no one realized how much we will miss all of it. Certain things like these that end, take longer than a while to realize. I don't know if it can be recreated again, ever, but I would be more than willing to be a part of it again!

We all know it was a hard time for the fans as well to sink in the fact 'The End' for 'Kumkum' had come, even though they probably did see it coming. So it was difficult for the fans and our team to move on. And now when we get flashbacks, we go through them with a smile because it was a happy time, with a happy family, and happy fans who loved all of us a lot.

I want to thank all of you for your undying support and remembering its been a year since the show. With utmost sincerity, I wish a lifetimes success to such serials and to all the family members of 'Kumkum' for gaining that special place in the hearts of all our fans.



Holi hai......

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Posted on: 05 March 2010 at 12:00am

Tina: Hey guys, a little late but a very happy holi to all of you and your family.

Hussain: We hope each of you had a blast with the colors, pichkaris, balloons, pranks and so on!

Tina: But safe pranks! Because otherwise they are just no fun! I remember how back in class 6, I came down to celebrate holi and my uncle put color all over me. I couldn't breathe and was rushed to the hospital!

Hussain: Ya that's a little risky so take it easy and play. Its hard to like colors and play with them after such incidents!

Tina: Until you came along and assured me nothing would happen again Smile Ive started playing holi again since the past 3-4 years and its great!

Hussain: My childhood holis were thankfully not much with color, as much with water and water balloons.

Tina: Were you like one of those naughty boys, aiming them on old uncles?? Tongue

Hussain: Yes of course! Our special targets were those who would forbid us from playing holi! Big smile

Tina: LOL Maybe someday you will be a mischievous boys victim too!

Hussain: Hopefully I'll take it in good humour! Till then we can enjoy being junglees at holi parties!

Tina: I think we should share our safety secret with our fans..

Hussain: ..Which is?

Tina: To avoid being the bakra and totally drenched in color, color each other up properly to make it seem like you have been playing since a good few hours! Then you wont have a colorless spot left on you to be aimed at!

Hussain: Oh yes! We practice this almost every year and the trick works! Its foolproof Wink Although Tina this year you went in white clothes and came back in blue and I was a rainbow with some mud! Tongue

Tina: Thats the magic of holi I guess! And besides, I was having a competition with all our friends, who gets drenched in color the most! We hope none of you hurt yourself or others in the excitement of Holi!

Hussain: Specially throwing balloons from a height or a distance can be harmful..

Tina: At our party the fake rain dance was kept to a minimum in compliance with the city's water shortage rules. We look forward to hearing about your holi experiences which didnt consume or waste too much water!

Hussain: Hope it was harmless, dirty and muddy Tongue and colorful!


Hussain and Tina

Movies, movies and movies!

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Posted on: 24 February 2010 at 12:00am

Hussain: 'Dikhne mein toh hum tumhare baap lagtey hai!'

Tina: Stop already, Hussain!

Hussain: Mujhe koi nahin rok sakta! Tina, tum bhi nahin! Wink

Tina: You've got a Bollywood overdose, haven't you?

Hussain: I breathe, sleep, drink, eat, dream, live BOLLYWOOD! Big smile

Tina: Sorry but I only SEE it. So please stop being filmy for a bit and lower your enthusiasm to my level so we can make a little sense?

Hussain: Jo hukkum, jahaa panaa! Big smile

Tina: Someone help me!!! LOL

Hussain: Sorry Tina. You know what movies do to me Tongue

Tina: Which ones in particular??

Hussain: I have a lllllong list but for starters, all of Amitji's movies. They are each masterpieces in their own distinct ways!

Tina: He definitely is a legend! 'Sholay' was a fantastic movie!

Hussain: That's our common favorite we have both watched a couple of times!

Tina: But you have a magical power to guess which Amitabh Bachan movie is being shown on TV by just hearing a few dialogues or seeing scenes!

Hussain: That's what great legends do to their fans! Smile

Tina: LOL other than him which other movies can you "breathe, sleep, drink, eat, dream, live", Hussain?? Tongue

Hussain: All these verbs can apply to Rajkumar Hiranis movies. ALL of them!

Tina: Actually me too! His "Munnabhai" and "3 Idiots" were both flawless!

Hussain: He has that hypnotic power every director craves to have! He can grip his audience with his finesse in story-telling and making!

Tina: ..For example?

Hussain: Take 'Munnabhai" for example! On an ordinary basis, no one would want to listen to Gandhijis principles. They would just ignore you!

Tina: I would get bored I think!

Hussain: Exactly! But the way he brought it out in his movie was innovative and very well-put. Not once must have anyone thought of it as a 'lecture'!

Tina: Oh yes! You're absolutely right! I remember watching every scene with so much emotion and attention!

Hussain: That's his aim which he achieves wonderfully by mixing an entertaining story with a purpose and message for the public to learn and take back.

Tina: So besides his movies, which others make it to your list of favourites?

Hussain: You tell me! I'll give you a clue-its your alltime favourite too, "Senorita"! Wink

Tina: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge!!! Tongue

Hussain: How did you guess! Big smile

Tina: I don't know one person who doesnt think its a classic!

Hussain: Remember we used to watch it together during our college days, when our love story was also like Raj and Simrans??

Tina: Those were the best days of my life Smile

Hussain: "Life is Beautiful"

Tina: It really is Smile I love You!

Hussain: I meant the MOVIE, "Life is Beautiful", Tina! Tongue

Tina: I take my words back. I hate you!!! 

Hussain: LOL just kidding! I like that movie as well. And what about you Tina??

Tina: I too like some of your likes..'3 idiots', 'Sholay', 'DDLJ'..I've seen each of these atleast thrice!

Hussain: No Hollywood favourites?

Tina: Ofcourse there are! "Notting Hill" to name one!

Hussain: What did you like most in it? I bet it was the romantic story!

Tina: Yupp..Also Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts' performances. I'm a big fan of both! In the movie especially, because of his silliness, cuteness and small blunders and her innocence when emoting herself.

Hussain: You really liked how they showed that even an ordinary person is allowed to fall in love and propose to a celebrity, right?

Tina: Ya! That love has no rules! How did you guess, Hussain??

Hussain: I'm talking from personal experience, you see Wink

Tina: Dont instigate me! Ill put a 'The End' to you right away!

Hussain: Bachaao!!!

Tina: LOL Wait! Im not done yet! Ive another RomCom (romantic comedy)favorite!

Hussain: You like all romcoms in general..which one is it this time?

Tina: 'Shes the Man!'

Hussain: If I don't stop teasing you, I think I'll be telling that to our fans about you the next time!

Tina: LOL You better watch out, Hussain! Well, the movie stars Amanda Bynes. 'Dil Bole Hadippa' was a copy of it.

Hussain: Ohh! So its an inspirational movie for women wanting to try out for male dominated sports, is it?

Tina: Thats right! In the Hollywood version its football that she wants to pursue. After watching the movie, it makes you want to chase your dream and passions come what may! And your gender doesnt matter. If you have the will, you will also have a way Smile But it should not make a big difference for you, you 'dream' Bollywood, remember?? Tongue

Hussain: I dream about you too, my DreamGirl! Tongue

Tina: Oh Lord! And there Hussain goes again..I'm going to shut him up by playing a movie now. Or else this movie buff will only go on! See you, guys! Come on Hussain!!! The movies starting!!!

Hussain: Ok Ok. Sorry guys. Movie time Tongue
Talk to you all soon! Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Wink

Valentine Surprise

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Posted on: 17 February 2010 at 12:00am

Tina: Hello to all of you who celebrated Valentines Day and did something special or corny for your other half, unlike a certain someone here!  Tongue

Hussain: Oh come on Tina! You know I don't need a certain day to express and show my undying love for you...

Tina: Of course Hussain...But you have to surprise me sometimes too! Big smile

Hussain: Okay I promise next year it will be my turn. Now lets fill our fans in with what you did for me. I'm sure they've been waiting to know what our plans for this day were!

Tina: Firstly a very HAPPY Valentines Day to all our fans! This year I wanted to do the cheesy, couply surprise with booking a room, having a Jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool...Private yet romantic! It was to be followed by a quiet romantic dinner in the open, under the star-lit sky by the moonlight..

Hussain: Wow Tina! What a lovely picture you painted there! My very own Da Vinci Tongue

Tina: LOL Yes but your work schedule didnt let me finish this masterpiece! You had an event to work on, just the next day and this whole plan was part of a 3-day hotel package! So since it didnt make sense, I dropped the idea and..

Hussain: And in no time came up with a back-up plan! Plan B! Which was a masterpiece too! Big smile

Tina: Yupp..Within a day, I re-thought and re-worked on how to take you aback and make this day special! Luckily you went for the events rehearsals for a few hours..Thank God!

Hussain: Which by the way I extended so that you could have more time on you to work on my surprise Wink

Tina: Well put Hussain! I think you should try your hand in politics with your diplomatic skills!

Hussain: LOL Not a bad thought! But jokes apart, the surprise was truly something Smile

Tina: Obviously! I got our bedroom re-decorated for this day! The bed was slightly revamped as a canopy bed in the romantic pink and white colors with 'Tina loves Hussain' written across the pillows!

Hussain: You gave it such a royal look! Every night you should re-design our room. Then everyday will be Valentines Day, literally!

Tina: Why dont you take your own advice, Hussain? I think you should follow your 'Da Vincis' footsteps! Wink

Hussain: Talking of steps reminds me of the ones you got done in our bedroom with 'Prince Husein' and 'Princess Tina' written! Now that surely was royal Tongue

Tina: Oh those steps were done at the end by the workers and I had to make sure we gave them enough time to set it all up..That's why I insisted you on taking me for ice cream!                                 

Hussain: Ohhh so that was an excuse to give them extra time? Smart!!!

Tina: Big smile Ya..once they SMS'ed me mission accomplished, I asked you to drive us back home.

Hussain: Wow..you and your spontaneity! So well-coordinated Big smile

Tina: My coordination was about to mess up when we were going up while the workers were leaving! Luckily I let you walk a little ahead and I actioned them a 'Thank You' and signalled them to leave, while behind you!

Hussain: LOL And then you asked me to get you your hot water bag from the bedroom when I just wasn't going in the room!

Tina: Big smile I'm glad I managed to keep it all away and in spite of the goof-ups, gave you a surprise! 

Hussain: Well, I feel like a loser for not pulling off surprises for you Unhappy

Tina: Well now that you know all the efforts, lies and excuses that go into making all the surprises I've planned so far for you, maybe you should try?

Hussain: Yes my Valentine! I definitely will. Soon even I will spring up from behind and catch you by surprise and yell out greetings like you did for this day Smile

Tina: LOL I was very excited when i sprung up and screamt 'Happpppppy Valentines Day!!!' a few hours before midnight. I couldn't resist giving you the surprise..!

Hussain: Gear up for receiving surprises yourself henceforth! With a little help of ideas and brain storming from our fans, I'm sure to make you fall in love with me all over again Wink

Tina: Big smile I can't wait! We have put up the picture of our decorated bedroom for all of you to see.

Hussain: Seeing the picture you all will realize how lucky I am to have Tina as my 'first and last' Valentine Tongue

Tina: And please give Hussain some tips on 'Rules on giving SUCCESSFUL surprises'! Wink

Hussain: Please do! 

Tina: We hope you all had a good time and did special things for that special certain someone too

Hussain: If not, no worries! Like Ive said-everyday is Valentines Day Wink


Hussain and Tina

Valentines Day coming soon!

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Posted on: 30 January 2010 at 12:00am

Hussain: Hi guys! Hope all of you are doing great and are looking forward to Valentines Day!

Tina: It's only us girls who wait for it eagerly, Hussain! The poor guys have to muster up the courage to ask their crushes out on a date..Don''t you remember your days? Tongue

Hussain: Yes! But I was without a date only in my first year of college. I won your heart in the second year and continue to even in the thirteenth year of our love story Wink

Tina: Yes that you do Smile Thank God you don't believe in the concept of this day that only one day of the entire 365 days is to be celebrated with your loved one!

Hussain: Ya and you don't either! I think the importance of this day was at it's peak for both of us only on our first Valentines Day during college, when I took you out to New Yorkers.

Tina: The first ones always stand out the most prominently..The rest that followed were special too but not as much as the first Smile It's even my brothers birthday on February 14th so we usually have a dual celebration but more so his birthday being the occassion. For us birthdays, anniversaries etc especially each others', count more now..And besides, showering each other with love on one universal day is no fun!

Hussain: I couldn't agree more! How lucky you are to have a husband who likes pampering and surprising you unexpectedly, than only on an obvious date!

Tina: You're equally lucky! I follow the gifts tradition more than you though! But again you overwhelm me with pleasant surprises too! Remember you drove me to Amby Valley on our first Valentines Day after marriage?? I was so impressed with the arrangements you made!

Hussain: I was impressed by myself too!LOL That surprise took me a lot of efforts. I was glad I managed to pull it off well and keep it a surprise without giving you the slightest hint! I had our bags packed and only needed you to get dressed and get into the car. And off we were to Lonavla!

Tina: Oh yes. It was the highlight to my year SmileBut what memories do you have of this day before we started dating??

Hussain: LOL You have been and will remain my first and last Valentine, Tina! I think I asked you out and got you into my life rather early to allow anything happen before. But had any girl asked me to go out with her on a date, I doubt I would know how to politely turn her down since I was hooked onto you for the longest time ever! What about you??

Tina: Well I was asked out many times but I think only you could sweep me off my feet Tongue Even till this day I'm sent anonymous Valentines Day gifts and cards! It's quite embarrassing! Earlier not everyone knew about us but now we are officially married and it yet continues!

Hussain: What to do? You are so beautiful that even a 'Mrs.' title wont help avoid such things! But I'm the lucky man of the lot..so congratulations to me Smile

Tina: And I'm the luckiest girl to have such a caring yet silly man by me, always! Big smile

Hussain: You think we will be as loving towards each other and celebrate February 14th even when we are seventy years old??

Tina: Ofcourse! I have full faith in us and know we definitely will. Maybe we wont be able to go buy gifts or do anything special that requires efforts. But I'm 100% sure we will always celebrate this day and all the other special ones too.

Hussain: I think so too. Age doesnt matter. Nothing will fade our love away! Look into our future and tell me what you might do for me on this day , then?

Tina: I see myself driving you around to all those places we have been to on our dates! From New Yorkers to Amby Valley..It will be romantic even then.

Hussain: It sure will be. These memories will be fresh as paint at seventy too!

Tina: Then I guess our future looks very bright and colorful with red heart balloons flying all over! Big smile

Hussain: Lets hope the same for our fans too. Especially the guys out there who are probablly rehearsing their lines in front of the mirror before the big days comes soon!

Tina: No I'm sure we have made them believe in their selves and that true love always finds a way. Right guys??and girls?? Big smile

Hussain: Just be yourself and don't try to do anything over the top or that isnt your style. Don't fake it. Honesty and simplicity goes a long way. Thirteen years for us Smile

Tina: LOL There you go! We hope to have set a good example for you and wish you all a very happy Valentines Day and that your date goes as dreamt of! Wink

Hussain: Let us know what you all do for your respective dates and how it went. God Bless!


Hussain and Tina


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